Monitor the ampers
of your critical equipment 24/7

CloudView+ is an IoT device that allows you to connect a wide variety of applications to our cloud platform, monitor and set alerts through the RS-232 or RS-485 communication ports, or choose one of our sensor kits.

307 V


45 °C


200 PSI


30 %


Monitoring platform

When your equipment failure happens, it is critical to act on time, CloudView+ will alert you when this happens.

Receive real-time alerts

Configure alerts and warnings by setting upper and lower limits.

Track your mobile equipment

Thanks to CloudView+'s GPS technology you can track the location of your mobile equipment in real time.

Analyze data

Analyze the behavior of your equipment over a period of time.

Real-time alerts
for a wide variety of applications

CloudView Plus Device Side

Cellular network

CloudView+ Supports different cellular network carriers for world-wide connectivity.


CloudView+ integrates a battery in case of energy loss.

Internal memory

CloudView+ integrates an internal memory in case of internet connection loss, when the connection is reestablished the device will send the data stored.


CloudView+ integrates a DIN rail for easy mounting.


Compatibility with most used protocols in the industry.


Monitor whatever you want, connecting any type of sensor.

Contact us to reduce costly downtime and get ahead of equipment failure

CloudView Plus Device Side